Next Chapter: España!

Hi Friends, 

What a year it has been! I want to share a bit about this past year and the things the Lord has stirred up in me, as well as what He’s calling me into next. 

In 2017, I had the opportunity to chase the heart of God around the world. Over four continents, I saw the diversity of the Kingdom, the need for the Gospel of grace and redemption and ultimately, the way God has created each and every one of us uniquely in His image. 

I struggled for the first six months because I didn’t feel as deeply connected to the countries and people as I thought I would. At this point I was confused. I knew God had called me to the nations, but without feeling like any place was tugging on my heart, I was unsure how I would know where exactly He wanted me to invest. 

Then, we entered Eastern Europe. My team was sent to a country that wasn’t even on our route, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was here I fell in love. I have never felt so connected to a people I couldn’t communicate with, or feel such a deep heartache toward their apathy for the Gospel. It was here that I realized God has given me a passion for the European people. Their view of God is extremely removed. Because the Lord has given me such a relational heart, and a desire to understand others and be understood myself, the natural fit for sharing the Gospel centers on relationship between others and ultimately sharing how we can have that relationship with Jesus.

Over the next several months, God continued to bring Spain to the forefront of my heart. I couldn’t shake it. No matter what I was praying about, Spain entered my mind. In college, I worked with an art ministry called Edge Project based out of South Eastern Spain. Their ministry base is an art gallery, and from there, community is built around art, food, and the celebration of culture. Then, through relationships with one another, they share about the opportunity to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father. 

It was Month 10 in Thailand, that I knew God was telling me to go join Edge Project upon returning to the States, but I didn’t know what that would look like. I started questioning everything and became scared with the details. As I was sharing with my teammates, they lovingly told me, “Well it’s stupidly obvious God’s calling you to Spain.” Wise words. 

So with that – I’m off to Altea, Spain for the month of June! I will be on staff as the Art Curator for the month with the desire to connect Edge participants (generally college age students) and Spaniards to one another and the Lord through creativity. I will be a guide and support to all things artistic and will ultimately organize the beautiful chaos into a compelling story to share at the gallery openings. I want to create space to let the Lord work in and through our minds and hands to visually show what He has been teaching us; and ultimately use that to bring glory to His name, and stir questions in the hearts of the Spaniards.

I share this with you to ask for prayer. I could have NEVER done this past year without your love, encouragement and support, and I can’t enter this next chapter without you either. Second, if you feel led to support me financially, you can donate through Edge website , under the “Make a Payment” page. Please include Edge Project 2018 Kalie Stier in the donation to ensure the donation goes to me. The trip is going to cost $3100 for the month which will cover lodging, food and materials for our ministry.

This is just the beginning of another crazy season the Lord is calling me to, and I’m so excited to continue sharing what He’s doing around the world. Love you all!